This page is to collect Data on Contractors and the increase we have seen in Contractor safety infractions, general concerns as well as locations.
The increase in violations and the company’s failure to provide notice has left the Union unaware of contractor locations and safety related issues.
Further we now see high levels of discipline for contractor errors we have no control over.

Examples of issues would be; CROR Violations, Lack of basic track knowledge, failure to follow instructions, questionable skills on equipment etc.

This is not for filing a Grievance, or reporting unsafe conditions under the code.

Members will still need to follow the internal escalation process to address safety violations in the workplace. For assistance contact your safety Rep.
If you do not know who that is contact your Supervisor who must provide you a contact.
For Grievances contact your Chief or Unit Chair.

Information Required.

Send a picture, or work permit/top, or even a

contractors work sheet that your asked to sign.

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